01 Oct 2009

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Woman arrested for videos 11 years overdue
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Looks like the Bloom County librarian works for the video store these days. Lets thank the detective for one hell of a bust fellas.

Arrested for bad choice in movies?

Arrested for bad choice in movies?

According to a charge filed in September 1998, Elisabeth M. Weiss of Iowa City rented three videotapes — “U-Turn,” “Devil’s Advocate” and “Bio Hunter” — on May 23, 1998. The woman rented the tapes from the now defunct Hagen’s Video, police said. According to police, the videotapes were due the next day, but Weiss never returned them.

As of Sept. 3, 1998, the videotapes were not returned and an Iowa City Police detective contacted Weiss and asked her to return them. Weiss told the detective she would take back the videotapes but never did so.

According to the criminal complaint, the total value of the movies and late fees is $231.97.

Iowa City Police Sgt. Troy Kelsay was unaware of what led to Weiss’s arrest on the 11-year-old warrant. Kelsay said Weiss was picked up by authorities outside the area.

Weiss was charged with fourth-degree theft. She was taken to the Johnson County Jail, posted a cash bond and was released an hour later.

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