29 Sep 2009

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Utica Police Detective takes life of wife then goes for his own

He was obviously mentally ill. Pray for the children! Pictures below courtesy of  The UticaOD.

House might be a little cheaper now.

House might be a little cheaper now.

A Utica Police officer stabbed his wife to death, then turned the knife on himself Monday afternoon in an apparent murder-suicide.

According to State Police, they responded to a 911 call around 4 p.m. Monday afternoon at 10508 Cosby Manor Road in Deerfield. Authorities said a child had discovered the bodies of their parents in their home – both were bleeding from stab wounds.

A female victim, Kristin Longo, 39, was dead at the scene, while her husband, Joseph Longo Jr., 41, was alive, but severely bleeding. At the scene, Longo admitted to police that he had stabbed his wife multiple times with a household knife and then turned the knife on himself. The knife was recovered at the scene. When asked if, Longo being a police officer, any guns were found at the scene, Coots said no.

Longo, an active Utica Police Investigator for several years, and a part-time security officer at Proctor High School, was taken from the scene by ambulance to St. Elizabeth Medical Center, where he died of his self-inflicted wounds around 4:30 p.m Monday afternoon.

The couple were found in what Coots referred to as “a common room” of the Cosby Manor Road. Coots said they were still processing the residence, and so far, no note describing reasons for the actions was found.

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  1. Amazing. Horrible. I wonder why this man killed his wife? Anyone know?

  2. I heard HE was cheating?

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