30 Sep 2009

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UPS: long distance (shroom) drug runner

5 pounds of shrooms? 20 thousand dollar street value? Wow that sucks!

Eats them yes we do.

Eats them yes we do.

According to the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Unit a Westmoreland man was arrested for possessing hallucinogenic mushrooms. According to Inv. Richard Dodge, arrested was Scott M. Colony age 27 of Furnace Street in Westmoreland.

The Sheriff’s road patrol received a call from the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office in California regarding a suspicious package which was to be shipped to a Westmoreland address by way of UPS. The package was checked and it was found to contain mushrooms. The package was then secured by the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office and a call was placed to the Sheriff’s Office in Oneida County.

Patrol upon receiving the call from Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office contacted the on call investigator for Oneida County and an investigation was started. The package containing the mushrooms was shipped to Oneida County by UPS and a controlled delivery was made by UPS to the address on the package.

Once the delivery was made Sheriff’s investigators along with members of the Drug Task Force and Road Patrol armed with a search warrant hit the residence and the package containing over five pounds of hallucinogenic mushrooms with a street value of approximately $20,000.00 was secured. Colony was also taken into custody at that time.

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