12 Oct 2009

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That will learn him to run away

I’ll chain him to my bitchin’ Camero. Yeah. Now he can behave well with his mom. And dear ole dad can drink beer
with his brother….BURP!

An Iowa father has been charged with child endangerment after police said he chained his son to a car bumper on Sunday.

Should have chained his leg.

Should have chained his leg.

The father, Richard Collins, 37, told authorities that he was trying to protect the teen. The incident happened in Davenport.

Collins said first confined his son who has one arm to his room, but when he started wrecking things and broke a window, Collins chained him to part of the car.

Collins was charged with child endangerment with bodily injury after police said chaining his son to the detached bumper from a 1979 Camaro. Collins said he came up with the idea after the 14-year-old ran away and was returned by police.

Collins and his brother James admit to wrapping a rusty chain around the teen’s ankle and chaining him to the bumper to prevent him from running away again.

“You know the old ball and chain routine that they done in the old days, well that’s what this was. Yeah, it may have been a little outrageous and out of control, but I was trying to protect him from people I don’t want him hanging around with,” said Collins.

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