13 Oct 2009

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Raping retards will land you in Hell

Notice how the black animal always makes sure to steal a cell phone, regardless of the initial crime committed good thing she wasn’t carrying a pack of Newports.

A 21-year-old mentally challenged woman was led away from the bus stop at downtown Cincinnati’s Government Square complex Saturday afternoon by an unknown man and taken to a nearby stairwell where he attempted to have sex with the woman, police in Cincinnati said.

For reasons that are not clear to police, the man raced off with the woman’s cell phone and wallet after forcing her pants off and initiating sex.

The woman, who lives in a group home, told police that she was approached by four people at the bus stop who began talking to her.

One man then led her by the hand across the street and through the Westin hotel and then over to a Carew Tower stairwell.

Police don’t think the other men followed.

The attacker is described as black man, in his 20s. He has braids and was wearing black pants, a white shirt and a brown jacket.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Cincinnati Police Department at 513-352-3505.

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