16 Jan 2009

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Pyromaniac looks to make the next human torch

Local news from the Utica O.D. HOT off the press.
A Dolgeville man was sent to jail after state police said he poured gasoline on another man and burned him.

Wanted to watch the world burn.

Wanted to watch the world burn.

Kyle J. Edick, 18, of Timmerman Street, was charged with felony first-degree assault in connection with the assault in connection with the Jan. 3

incident on Peck Road in Salisbury, police said Thursday evening. Police said Edick poured gas on the clothing of a 19-year-old man, who suffered second-degree burns to his abdomen and arms.

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  1. What a flake… myy best friend knew this kid, and said he would be in prison in three years, you know what, he was fucking right!

  2. listen you little pussies im home now so all that shit u was talking come holla at me!

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