30 Sep 2009

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Don’t mess with this mans bush.

Now I know not to go bush-diving in that man’s yard. He is probably just sick of people messing with his property.

Dont touch another mans bush.

Dont touch another mans bush.

Sarasota, Florida – Sarasota County Sheriff’s deputies say 47-year-old Gary Mitchell planted several bushes along the front sidewalk of the home he’s renting, located at 5293 Old Ashwood Drive, in Sarasota. The bushes run along the sidewalk and along portions of the county right of way, just east of his property line, according to the sheriff’s office.

Monday, one of his neighbors, Teal Fowler, noticed that there were several razor blades sticking to the branches of his bushes. Fowler took pictures and talked to Mitchell about it. She called the sheriff’s office she says because she was afraid someone would get cut. “There’s children. There’s pets. There’s quite a few people who access the sidewalk.”

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