03 Sep 2012

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500lb Donkey Kills Mayor

I hope this guy wasn’t a DEMOCRAT.

They say that U.S. politics, whose two major parties are represented by a donkey and an elephant, is a full-contact sport. But one small South Texas town is dealing with tragedy after their mayor was killed by an aggressive, 500-pound donkey.

William Bohlke had been in office only since May, but was reportedly well liked by local residents in Hollywood Park, 15 miles north of San Antonio. The San Antonio Express-News reports that Bohlke was found on Monday by Atascosa County officials.

“We’ll probably never know what triggered it,” Atascosa County Chief Deputy David Soward told the paper. “But it was evident that this particular donkey was involved, based on the evidence at the scene and what we saw on this donkey.”

The donkey is still reportedly roaming the grounds of Bohlke’s property, while his family decides what to do with it. The aggressive donkey is believed to have kicked and trampled Bohlke to death on Monday morning while he worked on his farm.

Aggressive behavior in donkeys is certainly not unheard of. And while donkeys are not as popular as dogs, thousands of farm owners in Texas have turned to donkeys in recent years to serve as guards over their sheep and cattle.

Donkeys are herd animals, but they are also territorial ones that can attempt to establish dominance over areas of up to 9 square miles. Soward said it’s possible the donkey that killed Bohlke was acting out in this sort of dominant behavior.

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